I would like to introduce you all to Jeremy Worboys. If you have followed my work, you may be wondering what has happened to Complex Compulsions. Complex Compulsions began when I was in high school, it was the name of my blog at the time. As I left high school and moved into freelance work, the name stuck.

Recently I have been growing quite vexed with the name, so last week I decided to make the split. I found Complex Compulsions to be quite difficult for people to hear, I was often asked to repeat myself once or twice and even then they often just agreed without really understanding. Having "complex" in my business name always irked me, I was always wary that people may take it on face value and think dealing with me would not be a simple task (this would be wrong).

I had been thinking on new names for the business for a while, almost a year in fact. I could never quite put something together that I was totally happy with, so after a lot of deliberation, I decided I would settle for Jeremy Worboys, my name. There were thoughts of something like Jeremy Worboys Design, but I do more than design; I am a developer, a consultant, a—soon to be more frequent—writer; a chimera. This led just stick with plain old Jeremy Worboys, this is however what you get when we do work together.

With the name comes other changes. I want to expand my reach in the community and give back since without everyone that gave back before me, I wouldn't be where I am today. One of my primary plans to give back is by focussing more on my writing. I want to post something at least once a week and try and make a habit of sharing what I learn straight away, instead of harbouring it and thinking I will publish a large in depth write-up of all the intricacies of a subject (this never works). I also plan to start screen casting, I just received a Blue Microphones Snowball and I can't wait to put it to the test.

I want to cover general web techniques through to specific niches, general topics through to advanced subjects. I really want to give back to the community, and for this to work I need to understand what the community wants.

So what should I write about? This is my question to you. Leave a comment, tweet at me or send me a message and tell me what you want to learn!

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