A Lesson Learned

Venture to succeed but remember to take time and enjoy the success of others.

Wayne Worboys

Last night over dinner I received a card for my 21st birthday. Inside the card was this quote, hand written, by my uncle. It really hit home where I am at in my life and it is something I plan to carry with me into the future. I had intended this article to go into detail, explaining a few of the situations I felt have shaped me into who I am today and my plans looking into the future. Instead, I am simply going to share the lessons I have learned from these situations and what they mean to me.

Don't believe anything, anyone says!

If something is important, get it in writing. I have been promised many things in the last few years, many of those things have been downright lies, and with no evidence they were ever said I had nothing but to grin and bear it. Now that I have learned this lesson (it took a few times to set in) I make sure anything important, whether it be for a job or otherwise, I get in an email or otherwise written.

Take risks, everything will be okay!

Dan Eden recently recited Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it isn’t the end in his article Things I'd Teach My Younger Self, Pt. 2 which truly echoes the voice of this lesson. Given the choice of a risky activity or an easy, stable path I used to take the easy, stable choice as all I could see was the security of being paid. What took me so long to learn, is that a risky situation usually comes with a much greater, albeit usually hidden, payoff in the form of experience. The experience gained from taking a risk (regardless of the outcome) will always make you a stronger person.

Don't wait for permission!

This lesson is directly related to a story I plan to share with you all one day. The story goes into how I missed out on a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because I waited for permission to grab hold of it. By the time I had realised that I did indeed have permission, the opportunity had passed. Looking back I don't so much wish I had known I had permission, rather I wish I had realised I don't need permission from anyone to follow my dreams. I try to remind myself of this often, if I am ever in the position where my future is caught on a decision and I want a go-ahead from someone else, I push through, grab on tightly, hang on for the ride and remind myself everything will be OK in the end.

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