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Warble Media

I have rebranded my website design business as Warble Media.

Devot:ee AcadamEE Awards 2012

This year I am proud to be nominated for not one, but two for devot:ee AcedemEE Awards.

A Lesson Learned

I share the lessons I have learned from these situations and what they mean to me.


I would like to introduce you all to Jeremy Worboys.

CSS Challenge

A CSS3 tweet challenge I couldn't resist. My thoughts and process on using my will to bend CSS into something fancy.

Telstra APN settings

Tesltra APN settings for Internet, WAP and MMS services.

Toggle Buttons Without Javascript

The idea of having a set of buttons that are mutually exclusive (when you select one, all others deselect) or “toggle buttons” is not by any means new. This idea has nearly always been accomplished in the past with Javascript and subsequent libraries/plugins. What about people who run without Javascript? Why not do it with just CSS?

CSS3 Breadcrumb Navigation

While designing a website for a client, I decided it would be appropriate to include a breadcrumb navigation bar to easily browse a product list. This is how I created the concept that eventually made it into the final website.